HANNAM HI-TECH was established based on the Christian spirit.
Since its founding in 1998, it has been holding worship services every week at the in-house chapel, and has been striving to return corporate profits to the local community in the spirit of sacrifice, service, and sharing.
As part of these efforts, we are constantly making donations to Sarang Plus Church in Seoul, Global Village Hope Church in Daejeon, and Hanmom Church.
We are actively providing help where a helping hand is needed, such as support for the well project and new accommodation construction in Cambodia, and support for recovery from forest fires in Gangwon Province.
Employees of HANNAM HI-TECH voluntarily formed the HANNAM New Friendship Society to continue community service activities.
In 2019, HANNAM HI-TECH opened ‘HANNAM House’, a shelter for single mothers.
HANNAM House connects living support, psychological stability, educational rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, cultural support, and employment training for the stable growth of infants and young children and a new start as mothers, so that mothers and children grow up healthy and become a stable family even after leaving.
We are doing our best to fulfill our role as a community.
HANNAM HI-TECH continues to donate to the HANNAM University Scholarship Association for fostering younger students and discovering talent,
and is contributing to talent development such as practical training by signing a contract with Soonchunhyang University for an industry-university cooperation project for early employment of students.
In the future, HANNAM HI-TECH will nurture talented people who will lead the global era and spare no support for R&D.
In order to create a safe working environment, HANNAM HI-TECH establishes safety and health management policies,
establishes and operates a safety response system, and conducts fire drills with all employees participating at least once a year.
We strive to prevent negligent accidents that may occur within the company by separating the sidewalk from the road and limiting the speed of operation to 5 km per hour.
HANNAM HI-TECH will make ceaseless efforts to increase public interest and grow together with labor, management and customers.
In the future, we will expand the employment of disabled and female workers and continue our community contribution activities.