We practice corporate social responsibility
for sustainable growth.

Through precise ESG diagnosis and consulting, HANNAM HI-TECH Co., Ltd. strives
to become a sustainable company and is gradually expanding its ESG management activities.
In order to realize sustainable values, we encourage and continuously check all employees so that they can actively practice,
and we will preemptively establish ESG management strategies to achieve performance goals by stage in the future.


HANNAM HI-TECH recognizes its strict responsibility for climate change and environmental issues.
Thus, we created an environmental policy and environment team to respond actively and pre-emptively to the environmental issues.
To reduce factory emissions and odors, we installed RTO(heat storage incinerator) facility.
The heat generated by the facility is recirculated and reuse in the manufacturing process to improve the efficiency of energy use.
We are striving to reduce harmful substances emissions by changing fuel used in high-heat ovens of production lines from kerosene to natural gas, and we comply with the Ministry of Environment’s designated noise prevention law by installing noise barriers to reduce noise pollution generated in factories.
In addition, we have implemented an electronic approval system to minimize paper usage.
We will continue to work to significantly reduce factory-generated waste in the future.
This includes switching all packaging materials to eco-friendly materials that can be recycled, as well as replacing gasoline-powered fleet vehicles with electric or hydrogen vehicles.
We will also continue to implement eco-friendly campaigns that involve all employees to promote sustainable practice.